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Footwear Fundamentals: What Luxury Should Mean in Women’s Footwear

Article: Footwear Fundamentals: What Luxury Should Mean in Women’s Footwear

Footwear Fundamentals: What Luxury Should Mean in Women’s Footwear

Do you know where your shoes were made? What materials are against your skin right now? Who handled the components? When you stop into a store and see some shoes on sale that look good, and prices sound even better, do you flip them over to see where they were made before scooping them up?

When it comes to footwear, not all shoes are created equal. Like social media ads, initial impressions can be, well, impressive. But it is not until the first few hours in the shoes pass that you know how good your purchase truly is. In the end, components and craftsmanship matter.

Consider your average shoe. It can be constructed from a wide variety of materials— from synthetics to plastics, suedes to embossed leathers, fleece to faux fur, and that's just the beginning. What goes into the making of this essential wardrobe staple is quite fascinating and widely varied, even within the luxury footwear category.

What we may be most proud of at Scarlett Chase is the incredible response of our VIP customers to the quality of our shoes. Not just when they purchase, but also when they reach out to exchange or even return due to fit. What we hear on repeat is, "The shoes are just so beautiful", "the quality is incredible", "these feel so supportive", and "I’ve never invested in great quality footwear like this before". To help make the reasoning for this response tangible, we wanted to share what goes into our construction—the materials, the parts, the people, and the process. It is these elements that differentiate our footwear and the revolution in luxury footwear we are creating every step of the way.

It is also why we get so many compliments and requests from wearers who have foot challenges, including plantar fasciitis and rheumatoid arthritis among others. While we make no medical claims, we do hear from customers that the Scarlett Chase collection provides the support and cushioning they need to look fabulous while feeling supported.

To help you see the many elements that make Scarlett Chase not just a step, but a country mile above other brands when it comes to construction, here is the what, where and why of the Scarlett collection:

Our shoes have a minimum of nine elements, each with its own story. Beyond materials, there's the often-overlooked factor of origin. Where are the shoes made? These details can have a significant impact on the overall cost, wearability, and longevity of the shoe. (See our patents here.) That's why each element is meticulously sourced and crafted including:

SC360™️ Support System
The overall construction of the Scarlett Chase shoe provides a stable heel base, an invisible built-in platform, and interior sneaker-like construction through the integration of our patented and molded, orthotic grade, arch-supporting insole.

Patented Outsole
A combination rubber and leather patented and molded outsole made in Europe, and an all rubber version, designed to provide notable forefoot lift to elevate you above the elements and adjust the pitch of your foot to relieve ball of foot pain and pressure.

Patented Insole
Every pair of Scarlett Chase footwear incorporates our orthotic grade, arch-supporting, rebounding foam, custom-molded insole. This industry-first construction is truly light years ahead of other luxury brands. Which may provide some basic foam cushioning that bottoms out after a few wears, and/or is not contoured to the shoe or the natural alignment of the foot. In other words, a "comfort cookie" might be placed in the arch, or a simple gel pad to give the illusion of comfort, but these elements are generally insufficient to address the heel-to-toe cradling we seek. We’ve also done away with the sticky, icky, leather lining that is typical in high heel shoes. When your foot gets hot, sticking to these surfaces is the worst. Our insoles have a custom top cover for maximum sneaker-like feel and comfort.

Stable, Custom Heel
Scarlett Chase’s original, custom heel provides stability and support whether you are walking across a lawn or cobblestones. While it's still a heel, the dimensions were designed to permit walking across most surfaces with ease, so you can walk heel-to-toe as intended, rather than tip-toeing on the ball of your foot afraid to land your heel. The Scarlett Chase classic heel is a game-changer. For those who are seeking an hourglass shape, we also added to our collection the heel employed by the Soiree and Gala collections. Still a wider base, this heel permits increased stability when compared to a classic pump heel without sacrificing your gorgeous silhouette.

Upper Materials
At Scarlett Chase, we are fixated on finding the finest upper materials and carefully lining them for maximum comfort and natural breathability against your skin. We also work to ensure edges are pounded smooth and seams are carefully crafted to minimize areas of possible friction. If you're like us, you want the ability to wear your shoes barefoot and feel fantastic for hours on end. Curating the right upper materials is critical to breathability, sustainability, and gorgeous, classic looks designed for wearing.

So the next time you slip on a pair of Scarlett Chase heels, know that you're not just stepping into a gorgeous shoe, but into a world of luxury, comfort, and unparalleled craftsmanship. You’ve got places to go and we are focused on footwear fundamentals that will take you there in style and comfort without compromise.