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Article: Supportive & Sustainable Mules

Supportive & Sustainable Mules

Patagonia is a brand that our Founder loves for their sustainability and high quality. These are traits that are paramount to Scarlett Chase as a luxury footwear brand handmade in Europe. Recently, Patagonia released a short film entitled,“The Shitthropocene: Welcome to the Age of Cheap Crap", and we couldn't agree more with its message. 

Just as Patagonia champions sustainable practices, Scarlett Chase is dedicated to countering the fast fashion trend by crafting shoes that stand the test of time. We create footwear that marries elegance with enduring design. Each pair from our collection reflects this philosophy, ensuring that you enjoy both style and comfort for years, not just seasons. That way, you can conquer the world in your own beautiful power for years to come

If you have the time, we encourage you to consider watching Patagonia's film. We tend to think about where our food and beauty products are made and what they are made with ALOT as it relates to what we put in our bodies. We don’t tend to think enough in regards to what we put on our bodies. Sustainability is about the natural materials, long life, breathability, and lack of chemicals applied to the items we elect to wear.

At Scarlett Chase, we have the added commitment to bring you the most advanced footwear construction, with top quality, natural materials wherever possible, and with added bells and whistles to make your shoe wearing experience exemplary. After all, your footwear is the base of your stance, giving you the stride in your step, the confidence in your strut, and the comfort needed to sustain you every step of the way.

Watch Patagonia's "The Shitthropocene: Welcome to the Age of Cheap Crap" here.

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