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As an active businesswoman working in the financial services industry, I’ve taken thousands of business trips throughout my career, largely with male colleagues by my side. While they navigated cobblestone lined streets, sidewalk grates & marathon networking events with ease, I found myself constantly distracted by my feet. Would I have a chance to swap into flats before we embark on the half-mile walk to dinner? How bad will they look with my outfit? Where can I sit to give my feet a break before jumping back into the conference pit? Will my shoes be the reason I miss my connecting flight?

One day, after a particularly lengthy trip in NYC, I found myself stranded in the rain with no taxis in sight & the last Boston-bound train of the evening departing in ten minutes. With no other options, I pulled my heels off my feet & did the unthinkable; I ran for it - barefoot through the city streets to catch my train. I made it with seconds to spare & collapsed into my seat holding my sore, soaked feet. It was then I decided that something had to be done.

Scarlett Chase is the product of half a decade (& counting) of innovation, combined with the best of luxury fashion. Working with orthotic & orthopedic professionals, biomechanic specialists & industrial design experts, we have created an unprecedented line of shoes designed for women on the move. Scarlett Chase delivers style, elegance, power & a timeless silhouette without compromising fit. Named after my youngest daughter, a Type I Diabetes warrior, spitfire & the embodiment of beautiful power, creating Scarlett Chase & hearing the stories of women around the world in the process has been an incredible journey.

I am so excited to share the magic of Scarlett Chase with you & women everywhere...because we all deserve to feel beautiful & supported while we conquer the world.

Sandra Powers Murphy, Founder & CEO

What's Your Sole Story?

Scarlett Chase is 100% women owned and operated. As such, we are dedicated to elevating the voices of women around the world and the causes they believe in. Tell us your best heel story and enter to win a free pair of Scarlett Chase shoes.