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Article: Maximize Your Suedes

Maximize Your Suedes

Maximize Your Suedes

Scarlett Chase provides active women with a collection of must-have favorites for dress and casual. We believe in natural materials, handmade products, and the value of good old-fashioned shoe construction for the betterment of the planet and your body. In short, you are worth the investment of handcrafting supportive, orthotic-grade, gorgeous, breathable footwear. We now offer an extensive selection of suede pumps, boots, booties, mules, and loafers. 

To care for suede properly, you should have a simple suede brush that allows you to brush the nap. To learn more about suede and suede care, see our post here. See our suede color palette here.

As you may know, we recently came out with a new waterproof vegan leather collection (see the Onyx Vegan Collection here), and this prompted lots of questions about materials. For those who want waterproof leather and love the idea of vegan leather that is high quality, we have created this special line. So soft and supple is the material it's called 'Happy Wonderful' and for good reason. It fits like a glove, pun intended. However, despite these unique opportunities and others in the areas of textile, etc. to bring you high-fashion footwear you will love, our focus remains on natural materials. Simply put, we believe they are best for the environment and your body.

Is suede durable? Yes, suede is durable. As a natural product, it has a nap and does need to be brushed and cared for from time to time. You can brush back and forth, particularly over areas that seem 'flat' or show a 'whiting' mark to lift the nap. As suede is through and through a natural material, the color will revive with brushing and common suede care.

Is it worth taking suede to a cobbler? Absolutely. We walked into our local amazing cobbler the other day with a pair of extremely well-loved booties that we were concerned had faded. Within minutes they were returned to us looking like new. We highly encourage knowing and using your local reputable cobbler to care for your beautiful, natural footwear. This will extend its wear and beauty.

How should I store suede shoes? We are fans of keeping and utilizing the gorgeous boxes that our footwear is delivered in. However, if you elect not to do that, we do encourage soft materials to fill and maintain their intended shape and the fine lines of our uppers. Utilizing the dust bag provided with our shoes, or another version, is also a great way to travel with and store your shoes. Keep in mind that our Italian stretch suede boots and booties are easily rolled at the top for easy packing, another great feature of these iconic classics.

Are color variances normal? Of course they are! This is a natural material worked by artisans to create your one-of-a-kind pair. We believe these natural variances from suede batch to batch, and from pair to pair, are what make them originals and worth every penny.