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Gala 55 - Coral Suede, Black Snake Leather, Jeans Suede

The Gala 55 is Designed for Wearing

You’ve got a gala to go to, or maybe three, and you are already dreading your footwear options. Could you wear your incredibly comfortable and sleek Scarlett Chase Maya booties? Maybe, but you know that the event really calls for a pump. We’ve made the Gala 55 with these scenarios in mind, a go-to chic classic with maximum wearability. By giving it a minimalist heel and combining the SC patented and elevated rubber outsole platform, it truly feels like a supportive flat. The Gala 55 comes in a few quintessential designs, so grab a pair before they're gone!

We've created the Scarlett 75 in a quintessential palette of must have, iconic colors in luxury suede and leathers made by hand in Italy. Here are a few of our favorite combinations:

Gala 55 - Coral Suede

Coral Suede

A jaw-dropping coral salmon suede that looks elegant with a floral dress or silk skirt. Make a bold statement by color-blocking with contrasting hues, or opt for a more neutral outfit and let the coral suede shine as a vibrant pop of color.

Gala 55 - Jeans Suede

Jeans Suede

A downright lovely jeans suede that reads like a gorgeous hydrangea in full bloom. Ready for everything from boucles and tweeds to denims and prints, this soft blue is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. 

Gala 55 - Black Metallic Snake Leather

Black Metallic Snake Leather

An elegant classic that doubles as a black and silver solution, the black metallic snake provides a gentle sparkle that is dance floor ready without stealing the show. This beautiful shoe is so versatile that it works just as well with a gorgeous silver or black dress as it does with a classic black tuxedo suit.