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Scarlett Chase Shoes

Why Scarlett Chase Shoes May be Just What the Doctor Ordered

At Scarlett Chase, we are not in the business of providing medical advice. However, we've collaborated with professionals in podiatry, orthopedics, orthotics, industrial design, sneaker construction and biomechanics to help develop and craft our shoes over the years. Of course, we recommend consulting a professional for personalized guidance as to what will work best for your particular feet. If you are like us, you are always trying to find the balance between luxury fashion and supportive comfort. Also, you'd like to avoid making your feet any worse—exacerbating bunions or plantar fasciitis and so on.

We encourage you to bring your SC footwear in for your next visit and see what your specialists think about our design patented insoles and outsoles.

Here are four reasons why Scarlett Chase footwear might be a fantastic option that your doctor will approve of for support and comfort, not to mention gorgeous style:

1. Orthotic Grade Arch Support: While every foot is different, most of us benefit from some form of arch support. Even without plantar fasciitis, you'll greatly appreciate the built-in arch support in every pair of SC heels. You'll see shoes marketed with a simple arch 'cookie' but no thought to the shape of the arch within the shoe's construction otherwise. Our arches have a gradual curve. In our opinion, only through careful consideration of arch placement and shoe construction can a proper arch support be provided that is built to last.

2. Rebounding Foam: While many shoes feature foam for comfort and the initial 'look' of support, they can quickly bottom out after a short period, losing their perceived value and making the shoe too big overall. At Scarlett Chase, we are committed to the rebound— ensuring that you have active support under your foot that stays with you. This rebound puts a spring in your step and provides a supportive cushion from heel to toe that comes back wear after wear after wear.

3. Forefoot Lift: Our design patented outsole provides a single unit, rubberized, elevated base hidden from view but fully supportive in lifting your forefoot. This means that you benefit from reduced pitch and notable shock absorbency, every step of the way, particularly in combination with our orthotic grade, rebounding foam insoles. 

4. Removable Orthotic: In most Scarlett Chase styles, our orthotic grade, rebounding foam insole is removeable. This permits wearers to swap it out for another orthotic. As we all know, particularly when it comes to gorgeous, luxury footwear, generally it runs on the 'slinky' side, with no room to add an orthotic. Given Scarlett Chase's built in orthotic, our shoes generally have the room needed to do the impossible—to place your own orthotic in a gorgeous, luxury shoe that is designed for movement.