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Gold Lame Soiree 75

Soiree Styling

What, When, And How To Wear It

We hesitate to spend too much time talking about how to wear the Soiree 75 pump because it has been so popular that we might sooner focus on how you can get the Soiree. These elegant classics sell out quickly, so if you can snag your size, we highly recommend it. 

With only a handful of stalwarts, you might need more than one to extend your Soiree in style:

Blush Glitter Soiree 75


A natural blush nude with the slightest all-over sparkle, this beauty works with almost anything it’s paired with. From a gorgeous gown to an elevated pantsuit, the blush glitter provides a subtle elegance with dance-worthy comfort.

Black Metallic Snake Soiree 75


An elegant classic that doubles as a black and silver solution, the black metallic snake provides a gentle sparkle that is dance floor ready without stealing the show. So versatile is this gorgeous leather print, it can leap from workwear to black tie in a flash. We love this shoe so much we made it in the Gala 55 pump too. If you like a good Soiree, grab this one before it's gone. And why choose? Maybe snag the Gala 55 version for after hours.

Silver Lame Soiree 75


The pair ELLE made famous, this chic classic is the most wearable closed-toe party shoe you will ever find. Made for dancing, the heel strike sits comfortably under your heel, and the princess upper cradles your foot, protecting bunions and gently elevating your every step. A chic silver lame provides glamorous classic chrome good looks with enough shimmer to brighten the room. Pair it with your favorite Soiree-ready dress or slacks 365.

Gold Lame Soiree 75


A chic gold worthy of Aphrodite, this dance floor classic shimmers and shines while providing unending rebound and arch support with an elegant sweetheart upper that is made for movement.

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